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Shareholder Disputes

1. Williams v. Stanford S.D.S. Autos, Inc., DBA Lexus of Jacksonville v. Chrzanowski, 982 So. 2d 1 (Fla. 1st DCA 2007). Trial courts order certifying a class (represented by Mr. Lindell and Mr. Gannam) consisting of all purchasers or lessees of motor vehicles from the defendants who paid an improperly disclosed dealer fee affirmed on appeal resulting in later global settlement on behalf of certified consumer class.

2. Brown v. Manning, Case No. 87-13704-CA (Cir. Ct. Duval Co.). As lead counsel, obtained jury verdict for shareholder of boat retailer in derivative action against majority shareholder for usurpation of corporate opportunities.

3. Lane v. Lane, Case No. 02-05469-CA (Cir. Ct. Duval Co.). As lead counsel, successfully confirmed at trial client’s 50% ownership interest in multi-million dollar Bobcat equipment business. Affirmed on appeal.

4. Filer v. Frank Griffin Volkswagen, Inc., Case No. 90-7933-CA (Cir. Ct. Duval Co.). As lead counsel, successfully defended local car dealer against multiple consumer protection claims after five day jury trial.

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