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Construction Actions

1. T.G. Utility Company, Inc. v. The 3310-Land Trust, Case No. 33 110 Y 0058 06 (American Arbitration Assoc.). Utility contractor (represented by Mr. Lindell and Mr. Gannam) successfully obtained construction lien award of $618,000 plus after five day arbitration trial in which the owner denied liability and asserted counterclaims for both compensatory and punitive damages.

2. Oceania JB Developers, L.C. v. Foley & Associates Construction Co., Case No. 33 110 00368 02 (American Arbitration Assoc.). As lead counsel, successfully presented developer’s claims for defects in condominium project constructed by the respondent at five day arbitration trial.

3. A.N. Drew v. Rosander, Case No. 91-1215-CA (Cir. Ct. Duval Co.). As lead counsel, successfully defended homeowners at trial against contractor’s claim for additional compensation and recovered full amount of homeowners’ counterclaim.

4. Mel Smith Inc. v. Simply Storefronts, Inc.,  Alleged defective workmanship in installation of windows into a large nursing home facility. Plaintiffs sought over one million dollars in damages from client window installation subcontractor and gave best settlement offer of $250,000.00 prior to arbitration. Week long arbitration resulted in award against client for less than one third of best offer.

5. Grimes Contracting, Inc. v. Parrish Service, Inc. et. al.: Represented subcontractor lien holder in lien foreclosure action against general contractor and homeowner. Title insurance carrier for junior mortgage holder claimed “equitable subrogation” in pre-suit negotiations and offered less than 1/4 of the value of the lien for “full release of lien, take or leave it.” Went forward with suit, title carrier and general contractor wound up settling claim for entire amount of lien and almost entire amount of client’s attorneys’ fees and costs associated with bringing the action.

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