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    Summer is quickly approaching.  This increases the use of bicycles on the road.  It is important to follow bicycle safety rules since there are numerous accidents and deaths on bicycles each year.  In fact, in 2016 there were 840 bicyclists killed in traffic crashes in the United States.  To assist you in avoiding being the […]

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  • Diminished Value Claims: What You Need to Know

    A car accident is every car owner’s worst nightmare. Even if your vehicle is repaired and able to run as good as new, your car will not be worth as much as it was before your car accident. This is a consequence of living in the post-CARFAX era.  One way to make up this difference […]

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  • Avoiding a Personal Injury Accident

    There are a number of driving habits people have that are contributing to some pretty dangerous driving. These bad habits are the number one leading cause of personal injury accidents in the U.S. Jacksonville car accident attorneys at Lindell & Farson see many of these cases on a daily basis. Even the CDC has reported […]

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  • Breach of Contract

    Typically, if you’ve dealt with a number of contracts in the past, everything has gone as planned. However, there may come a time when you must deal with a breach of contract. Knowing what to do and how to handle the situation is important. Fortunately, attorneys in Jacksonville, Florida, San Jose Boulevard at Lindell & […]

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  • 3 Common Motorcycle Accident Causes

    Motorcyclists must understand the impact that injuries could have on their lives if they are involved in a serious accident. Not only are you extremely vulnerable to contact with the other vehicle, the road itself is an unforgiving surface and often the cause of impact or skidding injuries. As Jacksonville personal injury attorneys, we strongly […]

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    Mandatory Arbitration Clauses in Contracts Attorneys in Jacksonville FL Contracts are a part of our everyday life. The benefit of having a written contract is to make sure each party’s obligations are clearly stated. However, when the contract is drafted by someone else, you may not understand the consequences of some of the terms buried […]

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  • How Do You Define Compassion?

    Is Your Attorney Compassionate? I’ve noticed recently that some personal injury lawyers are advertising on television touting their compassion to persuade people into giving them their legal business. I wonder each time I see one of these TV commercials whether anyone is really influenced by such statements. In my experience people who are truly compassionate […]

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  • When can you seal and expunge your arrest?

    As long as it is your first arrest and you have not been adjudicated guilty of the offense, you may seek to have the arrest be sealed/ expunged. There are some instances where a “notice to appear” will be counted as an arrest. The arrest cannot include felonies nor certain misdemeanor charges such as assault, […]

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  • Don’t Be Victimized Twice in an Car Crash

    The Importance of Proper Insurance in Florida All too often in my law practice I meet with injured people who end up responsible for paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills occasioned by an unexpected car crash. Those who do not prepare for the unexpected through proper insurance planning can find themselves victimized […]

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