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3 Common Motorcycle Accident Causes

motorcycle accident

Motorcyclists must understand the impact that injuries could have on their lives if they are involved in a serious accident. Not only are you extremely vulnerable to contact with the other vehicle, the road itself is an unforgiving surface and often the cause of impact or skidding injuries. As Jacksonville personal injury attorneys, we strongly advocate maintaining safety on the roadways by being aware of these common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Another Vehicle Turns Left in Front of You

This is typically the most common cause of motorcycle accidents. Many drivers contend that they simply didn’t see the motorcycle or misjudged the oncoming speed and proceeded to turn directly in front of it. While there may be some psychological connection about looking for oncoming cars and failing to register a motorcycle as traffic, that is no excuse. Failure to yield places the fault for the accident squarely on the driver of the other vehicle.

Another Vehicle Changes Lanes into You

Anyone who regularly rides knows this occurs. Other vehicles enter your lane as if you weren’t there. Visibility is the likely culprit, but not a valid excuse. Many times, a motorcycle rider has reported seeing the other vehicle’s driver’s eyes in the car’s mirrors, but the other driver apparently was still not looking.

Another Vehicle Rear Ends You

Although a fender bender can be a relatively minor accident between two equally sized and protected cars, there is no such thing as a minor motorcycle accident.

Insurance companies are often biased against motorcycle riders by assuming they all drive recklessly. Nothing could be farther from the truth, as cars are far more likely to be at fault. Lindell & Farson has the experience you need to achieve the best outcome possible for your situation. Our lead personal injury lawyer, James Farson, Esq., is also a motorcycle rider with over 20 years of riding experience.  If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, call our office today to schedule a confidential, free consultation.

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